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GIFT Textile and Learning
No doubt everyone who takes birth by virtue of God Almighty comes into the world without textile and clothing with a cheerful welcome. Gradually as they grow gradually they enjoy the versatility of wonderful clothing by wearing beautiful textiles for appropriate shape of garments to fulfill the purpose as their status.
As we are all aware that the earth’s paradise is a treasure of unaccountable wonderful gist and gesture of unmatchable to each other, in two and two varying things, in versatile usage by human beings .In the same manner mostly every human grows and his or her mind develops appropriately.
As the above mentioned understanding his or her knowledgeable especially in relation to textile and fashion garment utility to fulfill their pride and liking which varies from individual to individual by many meanings and for that development of versatility of textile becomes an endless procedure in textile industries for our human society globally.
By the virtue of god almighty human mind took the actual shape in purposeful research and development for textile in correlation to its glamorous gist and gesture for human society while keeping in mind its comforts, drape, tactile and ergonomics. Due to the above wonderful event Textile has globally become the world’s second biggest industry after the food, due to basic human needs which is why the human’s continuous research process becomes necessary for such developments to come.
This gives a clear picture of how vast this field is and to learn all that in one life is not possible by any means, but many known Design Institutions claim commonly and strongly emphasizing their abilities to teach detailed versatility of textile in various segments such as fiber, yarn, weaving, dyeing, processing, printing, non-woven and their permutations and combinations with varying aspects of its practicality and techniques, Adding flavour, churning and proudly taking the small gist and gesture of textile by giving an important example such as resist process of textile for dyeing and printing techniques, various textile craft techniques without giving much detail about textiles, geometrical, physical, chemical abilities.
While learning one should know the above said because, textile is said to be the second skin which people wear over their actual skin, and this should be smart in all means. This in todays time is not found to be totally accurate in design drawing as global textile industry is needed from designers. As said above it is their habit to talk big without possessing basic knowledge of versatility in relation to the subject, and they live with beautiful jargons, versatile names of it, and compositions in their mix and match style while copying. That is why nobody is taking shape from such institutions to be like the “Guru of Textile” William Morris. That is why the placement for them is full of struggle for their survival in the field of textile designing.
As above mentioned it is not for humiliating other institutions even though we are all grown up designers gone through with such teaching and learning process and style. Myself Prof.Khalid Ameer Rafuqe was quite hesitant after graduation from NID to practice as a designer in the renowned textile industries finds less abilities to practice as a designer appropriately with gained knowledge from NID but that era was different in comparison to present days.
The continuous effort and writing notes in relation to what was learnt in the institute as a learner and what is different in textile industry has a huge gap when compared but “who can fill that gap?” which is the biggest task for any design institute and that task is sportingly taken up by Prof.Khalid .
That is why GIFT textile design education course abstract and teaching methods along with its objectives, missions and policies are very different and very appropriate for a fresh learner as well as for understanding. GIFT being an NGO believes in helping hands working with their heart and soul in favour of the fresh learner and his or her learning.
GIFT textile Course content is meaning wise more or less the same as above where some educational aspects may be like other Design Institutes except a few, totally originated by GIFT but the teaching methods are certainly different in favor for small and large textile industrial needs. Its teaching is made so simple that it is similar to the system of eating healthy food resulting in good results for the body.
That means that GIFT textile relation and its basic understanding is very close to the needs of the human society with tremendous consideration to the depths of its existence, and thoroughly considered, without fail, every time a fresh learner is individually taught any subject.
Why does a GIFT learner not fail to inculcate al the designing skills while learning?
This is simply because each abstract course content has varying style of numerous explorations through empirical methods along with practice, before reaching the final selection of the ideal concept of any design. This is followed by an open presentation to all for a general critic and approval from GIFT faculty.
Another reason to the success of GIFT’s fresh learner is appropriately linked to the above mentioned course abstract which means that A to Z textile courses are revised and learnt at least 25 times during the course and this repetition at a regular basis drills in the knowledge in the fresh learner making the basics of their subject very strong. Due to this method of learning it has been observed over the years that these students put their heart and soul in their work producing great results.
In spite of GIFT’S Short term, part-time duration course the learning time given to these students is enough and hence its Textile Education is termed as “Composed Textile”.
The above mentioned is due to Prof. Khalid’s continuous practice and research for GIFT’s development for which he has traveled from being a student at NID, to textile industries like Arvind Mills- Ahmedabad, Jayashree Textile Rishra – Kolkatta, Raymond, Thane and many more, then coming back to NID for learning Apparel Design Under faculty development program, later coming back to the industry, simultaneously teaching as a visiting faculty and then a regular faculty for 2 years at NID.
Through this journey of life he has gained knowledge of quick learning and teaching with versatility of in depth Textile Designing. As the end result for the above a seven month specialization along with Common Foundation Course takes place for the fresh learners at GIFT which is not less than any other Design Institute’s UG and PG Courses also helping them in their future practice in industries and free lancing by the grace of god almighty.
Initially it was an extremely difficult task to create a structure of practical by demographically individual teaching course concept for the fresh learners through GIFT’s short-term part-time teaching style all as a multipurpose of Textile Design. Inspite of all the odds by the grace of God Almighty Prof. Khalid finally achieved his first batch of GIFT during 1995 of 16 students.